Whack-a-mole (or Whac-a-mole)

The term “Whack-A-mole” (or “Whac-a-mole”) is used colloquially to denote a repetitious and futile task: each time an adversary is “whacked” it only pops up again somewhere else. Whac-a-mole is sometimes used to describe the practice of trying to enforce copyright against the Pirate Bay or online scam companies, as a success in shutting down one online location is often rapidly followed by the website reappearing on a different server. The term originates from 1970’s arcade game Whac-A-Mole® in which a player uses a plastic mallet to hit moles popping up from random holes in the the game board. As soon as one has been hit another one will pop up at another hole.

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