Intellectual Property (Rights)

Probably the hardest entry to write in this glossary, because it is hard to place a limit on what is now considered to be intellectual property.  Although traditionally intellectual property was understood to mean patents, copyrights, trademarks and (depending on the jurisdiction, know-how), it has come to be a very broad term – encompassing a huge range of intangible-assets, some of which may be referred to as quasi-intellectual property.  In effect intellectual property has come to mean intangible rights to control how an idea or concept is used – be it a way of naming or identifying things or services, or ways of making or doing things.  Depending on who one asks, these can include:

•  Patents   •  Naming Rights   • Trademarks & Service Marks  • Copyrights

Know-how & Show-how  • Rights of PublicitySemiconductor Maskworks

New Drug Applications • Trade Secrets  • Orphan Drug Registrations 

Databases  • Trade Dress  Right of Endorsement • Right to Endorsement

Advertising Slogans, Taglines, Straplines & Catchphrases  • Avatars

Domain Names  Architectural Designs Box RightsBundling Rights

Aircraft Supplemental Type Certification/Certificates Business Names

Right of AttributionPlant Varieties  • Clowns’ Faces, Dress & Moniker 

Geographical Designations of OriginProtected Designation of Origin

Registered DesignsDistribution RightsMarketing Rights

Third Party Licenses • Pricing Information •Supplier Agreements

• Customer Lists & Data • Stage Names • Cost Information 

• Mineral Exploration Data & Results • Boat/Vessel Hulls Schedule Slots


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