Intellectual Property (Rights)

Probably the hardest entry to write in this glossary, because it is hard to place a limit on what is now considered to be intellectual property. Although traditionally intellectual property was understood to mean patents, copyrights, trademarks and (depending on the jurisdiction, know-how), it has come to be a very broad term – encompassing a huge range of intangible-assets, some of which may be referred to as quasi-intellectual property. In effect intellectual property has come to mean intangible rights to control how an idea or concept is used – be it a way of naming or identifying things or services, or ways of making or doing things. Depending on who one asks, these can include at least the following (though the range of what is IP is constantly expanding):

•  Patents   •  Naming Rights   • Trademarks & Service Marks  • Copyrights

Know-how & Show-how  • Rights of PublicitySemiconductor Maskworks

New Drug Applications • Trade Secrets  • Orphan Drug Registrations 

Databases  • Trade Dress  Right of Endorsement • Right to Endorsement

Advertising Slogans, Taglines, Straplines & Catchphrases  • Avatars

Domain Names  Architectural Designs Box RightsBundling Rights

Aircraft Supplemental Type Certification/Certificates Business Names

Right of AttributionPlant Varieties  • Clowns’ Faces, Dress & Moniker 

Geographical Designations of OriginProtected Designation of Origin

Registered DesignsDistribution RightsMarketing Rights

Third Party Licenses • Pricing Information •Supplier Agreements

• Customer Lists & Data • Stage Names • Cost Information 

• Mineral Exploration Data & Results • Boat/Vessel Hulls Schedule Slots


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