About the Glossary

Ipglossary.com is a practical glossary for managers, executives and technologists as well as lawyers working in IP in an international environment. The glossary provides practical explanations of key legal and business terms, slang and jargon in a large number of technology related fields including intellectual property, licensing, venture capital, corporate and securities law, antitrust and competition law, and of course terms relevant to technology, in general.

Ipglossary.com is based on the book “International Technology Law & Business, A Practical Glossary” written by Colm Mackernan, an international technology lawyer with substantial experience practising in the United States, Asia and Europe along with contributions from his colleagues at Origin International IP and Technology law, in London.

The glossary is licensed for use on a creative commons licence, with an attribution requirement and although it is restricted from commercial use, it may be freely used for personal and on a not-for-profit basis and linked to in webpages.

We welcome additions of new terms and definitions and your refinements of our terms which you may contribute by visiting the Contact Us page. Thank you for your participation and enjoy our glossary.

List of contributors:
Colm Mackernan, Takaaki Nagashima, Peter Langley, Robert Carolina, Robert Pocknell, David Bottomley, Amanda Brock, Johan Orneblad, Peter Spours, Mark Paxman.

List of online contributors:
Matthias Sonntag, Andrew Sant, Alfonso Sabán and Ruth Hennessy .

Disclaimer: the content of the Technology IP Law Glossary does not constitute legal advice and may not be relied on as such. Origin Ltd makes no warranty as to its accuracy and disclaims all liability for its content or use.