Andean Community

Los Comunidad Andina, formerly known as the ‘Andean Pact’ is a trade block that ultimately aspires to be similar to the European Union. It is a customs union currently including Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, and includes as associate members Mercosur members Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay, as well as Chile. As a customs union and trading community the Andean Community has adopted or is in the process of developing common rules and policies relating to trade and intellectual property. The members have adopted a mutual recognition agreement with respect to trademarks.

With respect to trademarks the members of the Andean Community have agreed that filing a trademark in any single member of the Andean Community shall afford the filer a six month priority period to lodge filings in the others, that a holder of a mark or application in any Andean Community member country may oppose attempts to register that mark in another and that the use of the mark in any member country of the Andean Community will be treated as ‘use of the mark’ in cancellation proceedings in any other.

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